Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's 4 o'clock in the morning ...

The past few hours of life have slowly chipped away at my sanity. Since no doctor will acknowledge sleep loss due to overwhelming horniness I am stuck here daydreaming of how badly I want to feel a hard dick inside me. If only there was an actual cock here that could perform the daunting task of satisfying this ongoing lust raging inside of me.

In all fairness this agonizingly empty situation is mainly my own fault. A little less than two weeks ago I turned down an invite from a friend, who is really a fuck buddy- except not really since we've only had sex once. Whatever he is, Kharma is biting me in the ass for saying no. Of course this is a truth I will never admit to my fuck buddy because he is a pretentious ass and would most certainly hang it over my head. Men have enough power as it is without adding fuel to their fire.

Except that my "friend" could really use a bit more fire. Hands down he dominates in the intellectual department, which is so incredibly sexy. (Again something he probably won't hear from me so as to spare myself from overbearing machoness. Although, it could be really fun to see how he reacts to the knowledge that brains turn me into a creamery.) Unfortunately, he is the brain without the brawn. Most women prefer their men to be stronger than themselves because when push comes to shove women are usually the submissive ones.

I firmly feel that our society is to blame for the lack of sexually dominant women as well as the lack of men truly able to dominate. Every once in a while a girl likes to be thrown down and fucked till she cums in multiple.

Apologies for this post are dutifully given as I am fairly certain this doesn't meet the quality standard I have established in my other posts. I will make up for it, but every once in a while a sexually frustrated woman just needs to vent. I sincerely hope that you have/are a man who is not too pussy to throw his woman up against a wall and fuck her - completely consensual of course.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I miss sex

God, I miss sex. I miss the constant craving to wrap my legs around someone and that feeling just before a dick thrusts into me. The feel of someone pushing and grinding their body into mine as I grasp at their back, clawing my way to ecstasy, can never be simulated by anything but the real thing. The circular movement of my hips seems lost on empty air, almost wasted as I writhe alone. Sex really is a two person game. I love masturbating and I could probably do it all the time, but without someone to direct it at, my brain starts to turn to mush. That never happens when I'm having sex. The connection seems to create a bond that keeps my brain active. Two minds are better than one and two bodies are definitely better than one.

Don't get me wrong though, I do fine all by myself. With the aide of my ever faithful vibrators I cum, but not nearly as often as I'd like. Lately, it has seemed more like a chore and less an act of pleasure to bring myself to completion. I no longer savour nights alone as an opportunity to spend hours pleasuring myself. Although that might be due to the fact that I keep running out of batteries; at least when there is someone else involved you can take turns getting condoms.

Despite my griping I am most definitely willing to wait for the next man to come along. I often jealously view women that can hop from one man to the next, entering into countless sexual endeavours. But, that's just not me and I'm learning to deal with that fact. I often wish that I had more than one life to live so that I could experience the things more promiscuous women do. I would rain hell on the male and female communities; a vixen and a temptrous, I would sleep with any promising counterpart that came my way regardless of age, sex, or marital status. I would fuck everybody. Orgies would be necessary and I have always fatacized about getting gang banged. It seems like a lot of work, but just knowing I had been DP'd and Eiffle Towered would be so worth it. If I was like that I would probably go whole days without wearing a shred of clothing and I would NEVER have to go even a day without sex. That is not for this life though, so I satisfy those urges by watching others do them. Thank goodness for porn.

Waiting is a bitch, but sex is always worth the wait. 7 months without sex and counting . . .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back

So where was I? I was on my back, on top, sideways, face down, basically I was getting fucked and fucked over. The past year of my life was given to a horrid shell of a human being, who I fucked, got fucked over by, fucked again, fell in love with, got fucked over again, fucked really fucking hard and then the bastard left me for someone else. I am bitter, but who wouldn't be? As humans we really do need to learn to treat each other with more respect, myself included.

So .... If I was getting fucked, that probably means that I am technically no longer the virgin nymphomaniac, but I'm keeping the name anyway because it's catchy and it definitely was a fitting title the first 21 years of my life. I know it's wrong to go by something you're not, but it's my blog and I like the name.

Okay, so now that you know where I was and who I am not, I can tell you why I'm back. I am back because I need an outlet like no other. I haven't had sex in over two months and I am drowning from the drought. Horny and broken hearted don't got well together so I've decided to fuck the broken heart and do horny, but I can't do it alone. That's where this blog comes in to play, it gives me the opportunity to scream my lungs out and write all the dirty, random, kinky, sweet, disgusting, romantic things about sex that I can think of. I think A LOT so there is never a shortage on the topic and the topic is always sex.

It is good to be back.